Homagic - Professional and Advanced Integrated Prefab Construction

2022-10-11 00:00:00 By : Mr. Russell zheng

Homagic is a company specializing in prefab houses. The company has several different types of homes, including modular and steel prefab houses. These homes are designed to be a simple, fast, and flexible structure. Compared to traditional home construction, they are also much more energy efficient. The company uses state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) software. This software helps in the design process and ensures quality and durability of the prefabricated house.

Prefab House

Prefabrication, otherwise known as offsite construction, modular construction, and integrated prefab construction, is a process in which buildings are made of standardized components. These systems are designed to reduce the labor and costs associated with on-site construction while enabling high-quality completed projects. The technology allows for fully customizable systems and the early completion of a building's envelope, allowing for lower carrying costs and faster revenue generation.

In addition to improving efficiency, prefabricated construction has many environmental benefits. Prefab pieces are made in a controlled environment, which minimizes on-site pollution and disruption. Additionally, it helps preserve protected areas nearby, while minimizing the disturbance to local fauna. The process also allows for the recycling of construction wastes. It also reduces on-site traffic and fossil fuel use due to the streamlined transportation of the pieces.

Though the process of prefabricated construction is new and has several advantages, it is also accompanied by a learning curve for construction staff. Although prefabrication involves an investment of massive resources up front, it can reduce overall project costs. As a result, the process has triggered an interest among contractors. It simplifies work requirements and timelines and encourages further innovation in construction.

Steel Prefab House

One of the main benefits of Homagic - Professional and advanced integrated construction is that it allows for a high degree of customization, which helps in lowering construction costs. Homagic's vertically integrated construction system also enables building envelope completion in a shorter time span, which reduces carrying costs and enables quicker revenue generation.

Modular House

Modularity is the idea of building a home from standardized parts. Modern technology allows for this to be done using 3D printing. This allows permanent modular buildings to be used in almost any application where stick-built construction is used. Primary markets for modular buildings include K-12 education and student housing, office and administrative space, healthcare and publicly funded facilities, and retail.

This construction method can drastically reduce the overall cost of a building. It can cut construction time by up to 50% and reduce labor, supervision, and financing costs. Modular buildings are also sustainable because they can be disassembled, relocated, or refurbished for another use. This reduces raw material demand and energy consumption, while allowing entire buildings to be recycled.

Another benefit of modular construction is that it can produce a higher quality home in a much shorter amount of time. Because modular units can be made in a controlled factory environment, the process is significantly faster than traditional building construction. Modular construction also produces up to 70 percent less waste compared to conventional building construction.

Modern prefab buildings are more sustainable than traditional construction methods. The components are manufactured in controlled settings, and strict standards are followed. This prevents pollution and on-site disturbances. It also reduces traffic on site, which means less fossil fuel is used.

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